Playing Into Trump’s Political Agenda?: 3 Considerations



Opponents of Donald Trump, seem to often, make the mistake of under – estimating him! They create memes, intending to make fun of him (or something he said, or did), and/ or, make statements, where they downplay his intelligence, abilities, or fitness, to serve as President of the United States. From a political, practical, realistic, point – of – view, this is a dangerous approach, because, regardless of what, one thinks of the man, he appears to be an expert, in terms of inspiring and motivating, his political core supporters/ base! After, the horrific killing, at the hands of the police, of George Floyd, and, how, this pattern of systemic racism, in terms of policing, has, and does exist, far too often, many took, to the streets, and protested, these senseless slaughters, and, the way, we often, treat, people – of – color, far differently, than others! However, when a few, bad – apples, who may, or may not, have been, actual protestors, exercising their Constitutional rights and guarantees to protest, and assemble, proceeded to break the law, and committed the crimes, of looting/ robbery, and arson, politically, this may have played, right – into, Trump’s political agenda, and playbook! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 3 significant, relevant considerations.

1. Idealism, without pragmatism: It’s great to be idealistic, but, until/ unless, there’s some pragmatic planning, and focus, true, meaningful changes, rarely occur! Some feel, 프라그마틱 플레이 is similar, to, selling – out, but, in reality, it represents a practical, well – considered, relevant, course of action, to creates change, for the better! We have often witnessed, when those, refusing to approach and proceed, this way, have valuable, worthwhile ideas, but achieve, very little! When, some, didn’t vote, in 2016, because, they felt the Democratic candidate, was not their idea, of ideal, they had a large part, in electing, the current President. If Democrats, don’t get their constituents, to vote, in the upcoming Presidential election, we will, once again, witness this! In fact, part of the apparent strategy, of Mr. Trump, is this, occurring.

2. How continued protests, and, especially, unlawful behavior, continues, it helps Trump’s, Law and Order, agenda?: We have, already, witnessed, a preview, of how President Trump, will proceed, between now, and November. He will portray himself as the, Law and Order, candidate, and, attempt to use fear, to motivate people, to, either vote for him, or, at least, not vote for his opponent! Violence, looting, and arson, are wrong, and illegal, and those individuals, must be held accountable, as well as police officers, who misbehave! Isn’t it funny/ strange, the administration, which many consider, the most, unlawful, in history, will portray itself, as representing, Law and Order?

3. Immigration/ Southern Wall; Trump’s rhetoric: Xenophobia is a threat to the American way of life, yet, Trump, effectively, uses immigration, fear, and hatred, as a political tool! Never before, in recent memory, have we witnessed, any President, use rhetoric, and vitriol, as a weapon!

Wake up, America, and, be pragmatic enough, to recognize, President Trump, may be crazy, as some believe, or, probably, sly – as – a – fox! Do so, before it’s too late!


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