Lottery Winning Strategy: How to Win the Lotto Consistently!



Are you going to put another dollar to your favorite numbers hoping this time the outcome will be different? How many times have you played the power ball and the million dollar jackpot only to come up short and win nothing?

Do you really expect things to be different by doing what every body else does? I am not trying to be harsh but trying to stress the insanity of doing the same thing and expecting the same result.

If you want to win the lotto and win it consistently then you have to stop doing things that every body else does.
What! Hold on what do you mean? Let me clarify before you stop reading, there is nothing wrong with using sacred numbers, birth dates, and the like but ask yourself really is this the most effective way of picking winning numbers for the lotto?

You see your birth dates and other cherished numbers come out infrequently at best making if your lucky one big pay out. There is no consistency and therefore no way for you to have real wealth. What if I showed you a way to win the lotto consistently so after each togel hari ini win you will be able to play with the house’s money would you be interested? Why even ask that question of course you would.

As you read this article you will see a lotto strategy that allows you to win more consistently instead of waiting for one huge pay out that may never come. If you are anything like me cash flow beats out one lump sum every day. So what do you have to do? Great question that brings me right into the strategy. I call it the consistency game.


The first requirement in this strategy is to stop playing your numbers. I know this seems like an insane request but I am asking for a bit of faith here. I want you to purchase a notebook and begin to date it. If you have never played the pick 3, pick 4 or even the cash 5 you are going to begin now. But first you need to start recording the winning numbers drawn from these games before you play.

Once you have at least one month of recordings for each game go to the lotto section in your area and look up the stats on the most popular numbers. Review and compare the data then start with the pick 3 and play this game based on the stats given. The pick 3 should be the only game you play for at least one month. The following month you will play the pick 4 and after that month is finished the pick 5. Longer variations are what is most recommended in this strategy. So for best results I would suggest two months or longer for each game.

Why these games you ask? Simply put the pick 3, pick 4, and cash 5 statistically provide you the best chance to win. By focusing on one game a month or two you will have concentrated your efforts and provided the most consistent way to win the lotto. As an added benefit each game allows you to play as little as 50 cent or a quarter as in the case of the pick 5. This is priceless with the lower amount needed to play you increase your odds again since you are able to come up with more numbers for less which brings in wins more. The result is constant cash flow with consistent wins.


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